The Forum Committees all worked for months in preparation to ensure we honored Dove Sifers-Putman with a wonderful forum. Mission accomplished!

Richmond 141 won some recognition and prizes…including….but not limited to…

  • WIC Week – First Place
  • Membership – Highest Percentage of Retention – Chapters with 26 or more members
  • Most Members in Attendance – Chapters with 26 or more members
  • Most First-Timers
  • Newsletter – First Place
  • Safety and Health – First Place to Hourigan Construction
  • Visions of Excellence Award – Ann Vass, CIT, CCA, CDS, CBT
  • Longevity Award – 25 years – Elsie Gray

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended. It was an exciting and motivational weekend. Things we learned will help us in our personal and professional lives. Be sure to read everyone’s Forum report.