Mentoring and NAWIC

In an effort to support our organization’s mission, National is encouraging all local NAWIC chapters to implement a program to connect women, members and non-members throughout the construction industry. A professional mentoring program:

  • helps to achieve goals and define career paths
  • improves personal productivity
  • strengthens leadership skills
  • builds team skills
  • encourages sharing of information
  • enhances self-confidence
  • brings individuals together – and helps women achieve their full potential.

Our Immediate Past President Dianne Franklin will facilitate a NAWIC mentoring mixer. She will explain the mentor/mentee relationship and the goals of professional mentoring.

Jefferson Lakeside Country Club
1700 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA
Social: 5:30   Dinner: 6:00
$25.00 per person
Cash bar

Please make your reservations by Thursday, November 10. Please contact Cynthia Cecil:
Fax: 866-915-4598 or e-mail: cynthia_cecil at emcorgroup dot com

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