FEBRUARY PROGRAM: Tuesday, February 18

It’s time for our annual Membership Committee “Fun”draiser:  the Tricky Trays Auction!

Proceeds from this annual auction benefit the chapter’s Membership Committee, which uses the funds to promote NAWIC and sponsor Member Orientation meetings and dinners.

Help us this year by bringing one item (or…10!) for auction.

  • Select a theme for a tray, basket, box or bag
  • Recommended budget: $25.00 (or, pair with another member. Each could invest $25)
  • Contact Tammy Lee Pastelnick at tammylee at adgva dot com  if you intend to bring something and/or if you have questions
  • Bring your item with you to the February meeting, and we’ll place it on a table with your name on it
  • Bring cash for tickets, which are $1 each. See a Tricky Tray you love? Put a ticket (your “bid”) in the cup in front of it
  • When bid time ends, tickets will be drawn
  • Funds are given to the Membership Committee
Come see how talented we are!

Jefferson Lakeside Country Club
1700 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA
Social: 5:30   Dinner: 6:00
$25.00 per person
Cash bar

Please make your reservations by noon, Thursday, February 13. Please contact Cynthia Cecil:
Fax: 866-915-4598 or e-mail: cyndececil at comcast dot net