Membership Meeting: Tuesday, November 18

NOVEMBER EVENT: General Business Meeting on Tues 11/18

Lorna Parkins,  Vice President, Transportation Planning for Michael Baker Corp. will present about Women’s Transportation Seminar.

Lorna Parkins has over 25 years of experience in transportation planning, including both public sector and private sector positions. She has been with Michael Baker for 16 years, rising to a leadership position for the company’s Transportation Planning Practice, while also managing large projects in Virginia.

Lorna is an advocate for family-friendly work environments and has navigated these workplace challenges for over 20 years while raising four children. She is passionate about creating workplace opportunities for young women to ensure that the transportation industry has a bright future.

She has helped found two local chapters of Women’s Transportation Seminar or WTS including the 8-year-old Central Virginia Chapter, of which she is a past president and continuing at-large board member.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Virginia Tech and a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota.


“Transforming the Transportation Industry through the Advancement of Women”

WTS is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women.

With more than 5,000 members, WTS is turning the glass ceiling into a career portal through its professional programs, networking opportunities, and unparalleled access to industry and government leaders.

The Central Virginia WTS Chapter has nearly 70 members and provides a variety of networking, professional development and mentoring activities, as well as a very active scholarship program.  The International organization provides leadership development opportunities as well that are both unique and enriching, reinforced by the chapter-level leadership opportunities that reach women and men at all stages of their careers.

Because WTS embraces all professions and roles within the transportation industry, it offers truly unique networking opportunities.  Our members and past scholarship winners have attained the highest positions within our industry, including a growing number of State Secretaries of Transportation and executive appointees within the USDOT.

Lorna Parkins will describe some of the unique aspects of WTS and will share the ways that WTS has enhanced her professional experience.

Jefferson Lakeside Country Club

1700 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA
Social: 5:30   Dinner: 6:00
$25.00 per person
Cash bar

Reservations and/or cancellations will not be accepted after noon on Thursday, November 13. Please contact Cynthia Cecil:
Fax: 866-915-4598 or e-mail: cyndececil at comcast dot net

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