NEF Competitions


The 2018 Block Kids Competition is on Wednesday, January 31 at Mary Munford Elementary School with their 4th and 5th grade after school program.

Block Kids is the Elementary School competition for grades 1-6.  Each student is given 100 Lego blocks and their choice of up to 3 of the following items: string, aluminum foil, rock, and paper. They have one hour to build anything “construction-related.” As they complete their projects they are interviewed by one of our committee judges. We submit our 1st place entry for regional and national level competitions, as well. 

How can you help out?
Donations for goodie bag items are appreciated. Construction-related items are great, but anything age-appropriate is appreciated. We will need to fill approximately 30 goodie bags.

Example: To get the kids minds geared up for this event, I wanted to drop off some drafting paper to the school prior to the event so that the students can have a plan of what they plan to design ahead of time. If anyone has blank drafting paper they would like to donate, that would be greatly appreciated.

Judging is a one day commitment. Please contact the committee chair if you are interested.

The Building Design Program is designed to promote the construction industry to middle school students.  This competition offers a Garden Shed for 6th graders and a Garden Shed or House for 7th & 8th Graders.  There is a limit of 3 projects per school instructor that can be submitted for judging. This competition, although no longer supported by NEF, continues to be a part of the Richmond Chapter and the Henrico County School System uses this program as part of their STEM program.

The Design Drafting competition is for the various high schools in the area and now open to the higher education institutes. Each student is given specs and a criteria for a family unit to design / plan a house for their specific needs.