The following is a list and brief description of the various committees in our organization.  The list of 2021-2022 Committee Chairs can be found here.

BYLAWS & PARLIAMENTARIAN: Keep a current record of the By-Laws and Standing Rules. Assist President on any questions regarding parliamentarian rules during meetings.

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: Plan projects, which are beneficial to the Construction Industry, and encourage membership participation:

  • Block Kids
  • Building Design
  • Design Drafting
  • Civic Activities

MEMBERSHIP: Work on promoting the Chapter in ways to obtain new members; follow up with guests and National referrals. Sponsor Tricky-Tray meeting. Hold a New Member Orientation Meeting. Purchases badges for all new members.

  • Member Mentoring: Assist new members in deciding what committee best suits their needs. Answer any questions that a new member may have concerning our association.
  • Member Recognition: Members nominate an outstanding candidate for Member of the Month (MOM). The Chairperson recognizes the MOM at each meeting with flowers. Members vote from all the MOM winners at the April meeting for the Member of the Year (MOY). The MOY is presented at IAN. The chairperson also provides a questionnaire to new members and publish the info in the newsletter.
  • Roster: Publish, distribute and update the membership roster. Include chapter’s history, NAWIC Information and history, and the Chapter Roster.

NAWIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION: Initiate and promote the educational programs offered by the National Education Foundation (NEF), and provide assistance to those members participating in courses. Initiate programs which result in financial support of the NEF.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION: Promote programs and projects oriented towards professionalism, which relate to the Construction Industry. Responsible for speakers for the General Meetings, and to promote self-improvement within the membership.

SPECIAL COMMITTEES. These are committees that may or may not be found in other Chapters within the Association. These are committees which our Chapter has deemed necessary to maintain for the health of our membership.

CHAPLAIN: Responsible for invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, and NAWIC pledge.

FRIENDSHIP: Mail out cards or flowers on appropriate occasions to members or families. Present monthly birthday gifts.

  • Secret Sisters: Coordinate participants with their secret sister picks; secret sister liaison for problems, questions participants may have.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Make membership aware of any changes health or safety issues concerning the construction industry and what is happening with them.

HISTORIAN / SCRAPBOOK: Maintain scrapbook for the chapter by means of photographs and news articles.

HOSPITALITY: Coordinate general meeting reservations with place meeting will be held. Verify counts and make arrangements for any special needs for speakers. Receive reservations and collect money to turn over to treasurer.

NEWSLETTER: Create and publish monthly newsletter on website. Compile all committee reports on a monthly basis and place on website to keep membership informed.

OCCUPATIONAL RESEARCH & REFERRAL: Maintain a list of industry firms that have openings in our industry, through referrals from members or company mailings. Maintain a listing of members (or other women) seeking employment, and refer them to possible opportunities. Have them posted on Chapter Web page and announce them at chapter meetings.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Award Chapter scholarships in accordance with Chapter guidelines and criteria.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Monitor and post on the chapter’s various social media platforms.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Create and arrange for special activities, including Industry Appreciation Night, WIC Week, Christmas Social and Summer Social

  • Industry Appreciation Night: Decides on place, time and date of special night. Coordinates committee participation and displays. Arranges all aspects of IAN, including speaker(s), menu, invitations, reservations, decorations, entertainment.

STUDENT MENTORING: Assist in promotion of the Construction Industry within WIC Week, Christmas Social and Summer Social.

WAYS & MEANS: The Golf Tournament is the Chapter’s main fundraising event. Proceeds from the tournament provides the chapter’s operational costs, allows us to give scholarships to those who are obtaining an education in a construction-related program.  All members are assigned to this committee, as everyone is needed to make this event a huge success.

WIC WEEK: The focus of this committee is all things WIC week – promotion, events, networking, etc.

To sign up for a committee, contact Jaclyn McCormick at